Since 2009, I have worked in many projects around the world and I inspired the idea for such kind of Platform in Southeast Europe, due to high-qualified professionals originated from this area.

The “Virtualancer” has been emerging two years ago and finally became truth at the end of 2019. At that time, many questions were received almost every day. One of the most common was: “Could I work any of these jobs?” The world is a large market, but at the same time, there is not enough space for new talented people or qualified high experienced professionals, who want to work part time jobs as Freelancers.

According to this fact, the aim of our Platform is, to offer to our Clients an easy and fast way of cooperation with experienced Freelancers they need, which did not use to know they exist in Southeast Europe.  This Platform also offers to our listed Freelancers, online jobs that are requested from Clients around the world, providing the best as possible working conditions and continuous new job requests, at an affordable commission
fee for our Platform, thus they help themselves with an additional job and quality life. Our values are confidence and trust, for our partners Clients and Freelancers when they do business through our Platform. That means payments are safe for both, because we operate on the same way as any other leading “Freelancer” Platform in the world and trust for deliverables according to initial agreement between the parties.

We keep creating together a team, where we all would find pleasure in the jobs we do.

Tomislav Rajkovic
Founder & CEO